Shipping Information:

  • We DO ship outside of the US. Due to ITAR regulations we only ship our nylon products internationally. 

Out Of Stock Items:

  • If and when items go out of stock, we assure you that we are already in the process of receiving another shipment of said products. 
  • If a product that is marked out of stock is going to be withdrawn from the inventory; an annotation will be marked in the products description stating that we will no longer be carrying that product. 



  • To return a product, said product must still be in its original packaging with no excessive tears or blemishes outside of those that may have occurred during shipping. 
  • We do NOT accept returns or exchanges for wrong colors/sizes. We expect everyone to double check their carts before checking out. If you are unsure of sizing, contact us and we will get you squared away.
  • If you decide to cancel your order there will be a 5% restocking fee, if your order has already been shipped and you wish to cancel the order there will also be a forfeiture of shipping cost. These are in place due to it costing us 5% to refund and we also cover a few extra dollars on average for shipping costs. 
  • Contact spade7tactical@gmail.com to get in contact with us on how to go about the return process.


Issues Ordering a Product:

  • If you are having issues ordering a product it is more than likely our security software flagging an address or credit card. We have this software to ensure that any fraud is kept away from you and ourselves. This generally occurs to customers that live in the barracks inside of military installations due to the addresses not being cohesive with the card or address information. 
  • If you are having this issue please reach out to us at spade7tactical@gmail.com and we will make sure to verify the information and get your order to you as soon as possible. 


Custom Orders:

  • With being a new company we are aware that some of the products you desire may not be on our website. However, they are more than likely attainable for us. If you would like to place a custom order we invite you to contact us at spade7tactical@gmail.com so that we may address the products you are looking for so that we can get you squared away. 
  • Due to the unfortunate regulations that have been set by the payment providers we use, we are not allowed to sell triggers, lower parts kits, grips of any kind, as well as magazines. This regulation is unfortunate and has put a major buckle in the way we want to conduct business. That being said; even for custom orders we are bound by the regulations of our payment providers that regulate the way we are able to do business and I apologize for any inconvenience that may bring.


Why is there a tip option during checkout?:

  • Adding a tip just helps us out as far as necessary shipping costs (i.e. tape, boxes, bubble wrap) as well as the overall operational costs to keep things up and running.
  • We are in no way pressuring anyone to add a tip, it's just an option to give us a little extra help to keep everything up and running so we can continue to provide you with all of your gear and accessory needs. 


    ***For questions that were not addressed in the FAQ's please feel free to contact us at spade7tactical@gmail.com. We are very heavy on customer service and want to provide you with as much support as you may need. We thank you for being a customer!***