About Us



Spade 7 Tactical is a small business founded by a Service Disabled Veteran in March of 2021. I come from a reconnaissance background where weight to gear ratio was a huge deal when in an operational environment. I originally started this company with products from well known manufacturers and quickly realized that is not the purpose I had set for Spade 7. I have since developed our ROCR which was the first major step in getting quality gear and the Spade 7 name out there. I have since been working on a plethora of kit derived from my experiences with utilizing this kit for well over a decade. Any piece of kit that is designed and provided by Spade 7 will be fine tuned to ensure that whoever the end user is will have nothing but a good experience and a solid, resilient piece of kit.


A more informal approach to the who, what and why:


The What and Why:


We do not sell, advertise, recommend or create gear that we would not take into a non-permissive environment. That being said, we also do not carry/create all of the flashy “instagram kits” that look super cool but have no practical or functional use outside of just looking cool. We have a lot of experience with all different kinds of kit so we are here to provide and create in our opinion some of the best pieces of kit the end user can utilize.


The Who and Why:


I am a former recon guy. That being said I found that the issued gear was complete and utter garbage, it was always too bulky, heavy and just overall cumbersome. That is when I really sat down and started learning about gear and how to properly utilize it. I looked into all the different big name companies to see how they were innovating and making the kinds of work done in this kind of kit work the best. Most gear that is designed for practical use on the market today is lightweight and streamline which provides everyone a wide variety of options. Since the founding of Spade 7 I have been creating and developing all kinds of kit to further innovate and create better and more suitable pieces of kit for the end user. Our ROCR is a staple to how we want to do things. Taking the long time trends of MACRO chest rigs and looking into the draw backs of Micros I wanted to bridge the gap and create a piece of kit that can be used for any role with the emphasis on what I have experienced when utilizing kit. Making kit that is both streamlined and have the capability for sustainment is not an easy task however I have spent countless days, hours, months and years making sure that every design we have is going to work as intended for every single person that utilizes it.